Inner Beauty

INNER BEAUTY is about two different perspectives of how husband and wife Marius Black and Guada Ramos Funtilar see beauty. In their first two-man show, they interpret their vision in their two very different art styles.

Marius finds beauty in women surviving and enduring pain. He uses photos of models and actresses he finds in magazine pages and “skins” them by drawing their inner anatomy using red ballpoint pens, revealing their resilient true form. 

Guada paints children using oil on canvas. She tells their story of innocence and wonder, the purity of children. She admires the way children approach things, of how simple they see the world, and that simplicity is what makes it beautiful and meaningful for her.

The artists may have two different views on beauty, but they do not contradict each other, they instead complement one another in this series. Proving that each one of us has their definition of beauty, for true beauty can only be found from knowing what's within.