Novelties of Retrospection

Art+ Collectibles is pleased to present “Novelties of Retrospection” in which visual artists Arvin Santos and Rymnd Gev explore the old and the new with a playful flair for nostalgic influences. 

Paying homage to popular references from different eras, artists Santos and Gev encourage the viewers to take a different route in perceiving the world around us by offering their personal memories, prompting the viewers to individually reminisce and look deeper into the most prized memories of our youth. 

An invitation to look back to these vivid moments,  “Novelties of Retrospection” hopes to reconnect our child-like selves as we continue to navigate adulthood—offering a souvenir of novelty and nostalgia along the way.


Arvin Santos
Arvin Santos (b. 1996) is known for his experimental and vibrant graphic anecdotes on popular influences, mostly of television and game characters from his childhood. Drawing inspiration from Keith Haring, Basquiat, and Banksy, Santos’ playful yet intricate acrylic works incorporates the youthful and comical elements of Pop Art blended with the artist’s unique style that is surely as eye-catching as experiential—urging the viewers to look back and reminisce one’s own childhood.


Rymnd Gev
Known for his enigmatic practice and fondness for using various mediums along with found materials, his interactive works aim to break canon by continuously challenging the process of art-making. Creating works that border between the current and the past, Gev’s process in creating art draws inspiration from his childhood, a personal yet collectively lived experience in the 90s, urging him to tap into a child-like fascination into creating works that are as experimental in its process and as lively as the outcome. Incorporating his varied background in sculpture, painting, and mixed media, Gev shares his experiences with us in hopes of nurturing an appreciation for our childhood as we navigate our lives in the present.