In the midst of quietness and stillness, there is commotion. With this fast paced environment, there is a constant demand to be somebody. Rummaging through situations that will allow one to live up to what people think. Leaving the inner narrative masked away from the real essence of who you are- conditioned to focus on the external effects of what life brings rather than seeing our innate worth.

We direct people to parts of ourselves that we deem are likeable- pulling them away from our flaws and our true selves. More often than not, putting down your walls would mean an opportunity for others to use you and break you, so we shield ourselves layers upon layers of facade. We each are our own worst critic and sometimes it crosses the line that it becomes unhealthy as we try to force ourselves to change into something we are not. We mask our feelings, personalities, and distort our own stories that we tell to keep away from social pressures and views that may or may not be socially unacceptable.

Aiya Balingit, Ciane Xavier, Jaime Pacena II, Martin Honasan, Winner Jumalon, and WIPO were specifically handpicked for this exhibition. Their ability to explore what it means to be human and to create intriguing scenarios that embrace self discovery, life and its potential. The compelling qualities in their artistic styles carry multilayered narratives and profound contexts.

This exhibit aims to showcase the power of showing your true self and the endeavors that come along with it. Unmasking your true self shoulders a great amount of fear, but not many will know that there is quiet strength, power, and freedom in unveiling what is real and vulnerable.

Oftentimes we are asked, “how are you?”, but we change our disguise every day depending on who we are with or what situation we are currently in. The question left to ask is “who are you today?”