Waves of Innocence

Art+ Collectibles is proud to present "Waves of Innocence", a collection of oil paintings by April Lopez that hopes to relive our child-like fascination and belonging with the natural world.

In the distant past, the young April (b. 1985)  would often be seen playing in the vast fields of Bulacan–grubby and sweaty from climbing trees and touching objects found in nature that adults typically avoid. However, if she is missing from this scene of greenery, she would be found picking flowers in her mother’s garden to transform into wearable accessories. April may also be discovered swimming through deep waters, ripples tail her each time she wades short limbs. These memories are relived as she paints the Waves of Innocence.

Lopez’s imagery is heavily inspired by nature such as leaves, clouds, and waves, which have been her companion since her early years. With child-like wonder, her feathery wisps of nature-inspired elements are reminiscent of a favorite dessert from the past: cotton candy. Every simple and, at times, accidental brushstroke on her canvas is an expression of an imaginative wonder rooted in childhood. 

“Through this collection,” Lopez says, “I hope to impart the feeling of calmness, serenity, and oneness with nature.”